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Seymour Asset Management will provide all prospective clients with a copy of our current Form ADV, Part 2A (“Disclosure Brochure”) and the Brochure Supplement for each advisory person supporting a particular client. You may obtain a copy of these disclosures on the SEC website at http://adviserinfo.sec.gov or you may contact us at info@seymouram.com to request a copy.

Email Disclosures

Seymour Asset Management may communicate with existing and prospective clients through email and other electronic means. Your privacy and security are very important to us. Seymour Asset Management makes every effort to ensure that email communications do not contain sensitive information.

Please note: Seymour Asset Management does not accept trading or money movement instructions via email, or direct market instructions of any kind.

As a registered investment advisor, Seymour Asset Management emails are subject to inspection by the Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) of Seymour Asset Management and the securities regulators.

For a copy of the Seymour Asset Management Privacy Policy, please email us at info@seymouram.com

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Social Websites

Seymour Asset Management may utilize third-party websites that include social media websites, blogs and other interactive content. Seymour Asset Management considers all interactions with clients, prospective clients and the general public on these sites to be advertisements under the securities regulations. As such, Seymour Asset Management may retain a copy of information that Seymour Asset Management or third-parties may contribute to such sites. This information is subject to review and inspection by the CCO of Seymour Asset Management or the securities regulators.

Information provided on these sites is for informational and/or educational purposes only and is not, in any way, to be considered investment advice nor a recommendation of any investment product. Advice may only be provided by Seymour Asset Management ’s advisory persons after entering into an advisory agreement and provided Seymour Asset Management with all requested information about your background.

Blog Disclosures

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital.

The views expressed in this blog post are as of the date of the posting and are subject to change based on market and other conditions. This blog contains certain statements that may be deemed forward-looking statements. Please note that any such statements are not guarantees of any future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those projected.

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