Tim Seymour and the team at SAM have extensive experience investing in global equity markets. Our track record of performance through multiple market cycles and risk backdrops is the foundation for the strategies we run today.
We manage active global equity strategies directly for investors via SMA’s or as a sub-advisory allocation to existing RIA’s seeking access to our active approach to investing in global equities.

Our core Investment Philosophy:

  • Be an investor most of the time: big money is made over long periods of time

    • Stick to your research until thesis changes to achieve LT compounding
    • Seek a core portfolio of high conviction ideas and do not chase every flavor of the month investment
  • Be a trader sometimes: exploit trading ranges of the stocks in the universe to make repeatable trades

    • Our experience tells us companies can trade at extremes on valuation and beyond established trading ranges
    • These opportunities are about sourcing dislocations
  • Be a protector of capital at all times: losers cannot be eliminated but large draw-downs can be limited through disciplined investment process and in-depth understanding of companies’ fundamentals

    • Avoid bad balance sheets and companies who are poor allocators of capital
    • Identify poor governance and misalignment of interests
    • Please contact us for more information
Please contact us for more information.